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About Us

We really care about our patients. When you come to us, we will provide you with comprehensive care. We are happy to be able to assist other providers with their patients as well.

Our focus is on rheumatology as well as general internal medicine. Rheumatology is more than “The Aches and Pains Department.” In addition to evaluating joint and muscle pain, we evaluate patients with a variety of symptoms often as yet unexplained by the patient’s previous doctors. We evaluate past medical records, lab tests and imaging studies then start with a fresh history taking. This means we ask comprehensive questions and review forms that we ask all patients to complete.

Dr. Romanick treats a wide spectrum of rheumatologic conditions, from arthritis to muscle disorders, from fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome, from lupus to more unusual immune related disorders. Certain infections or cancers may also present with rheumatologic symptoms. If necessary, we will build a healthcare team around you or refer you to an additional specialist so that you have timely, world class medical care. Because we are frequently dealing with more complicated issues, appointments may not have the brief encounter quality of a typical primary care practice.

We ask that you allow sufficient time for your visits and understand that, should you have to wait, you will receive the same care and attention during your visit. We have literally saved lives at times when we identified a new priority at the end of a patient visit and needed to extend the visit into overtime unexpectedly.

We appreciate the understanding and willingness of our patients to take an active part in their own healthcare. It is a privilege for us to teach, encourage and heal.

— Dr. Sue Romanick




2011 Seattle Super Doctors

2010 Arthritis Foundation My Doc Rocks!

2004 Seattle Magazine Top Docs





I am pleased to write a patient testimonial for Dr. Sue Romanick. Unfortunately for me, I have had various ailments from sleep apnea to diabetes to asthma to arthritis, so I have seen many specialists. I can say without any reservation that Dr. Romanick and her staff are the best. A bold claim, yes, but I am very happy with the medical care I have received from her clinic.

What makes a great doctor? I believe many factors go into being a great doctor. First, the base line of being a great doctor is that physician has the medical expertise to help his/her patients. Without the knowledge and training to first diagnose and then treat the problem, then the rest of the criteria for greatness fails. The reason we see a doctor is to help solve the medical problems that we face. Dr. Romanick and her staff are highly skilled experts in their field. There is no doubt in my mind that she is an expert in her medical field.

My second factor in what differentiates a good doctor from a great one is that doctor truly cares about her patients. Dr. Romanick does care for her patients. With this I have no doubt. She is very kind and she listens to her patients. Listens. She spends time to get to know her patients, to know their ailments, and know what is going on with their life. Her practice is not one where you are rushed through with only a limited time with the doctor. I have been to many doctors but none have spent the time with me, to get to know me and what I like to do, like Dr. Romanick. With fibromyalgia and arthritis this is so incredibly important as both can limit one’s lifestyle. She works so hard to build your quality of life.

A great doctor works toward a solution of the problem. Dr. Romanick has an excellent treatment philosophy. She doesn’t just pump you full of drugs to get a short-term fix, but she uses limited medication with natural supplements, plus physical therapy and exercise to arrive at a long solution.

Finally, a great doctor has a great staff. A doctor’s staff is a reflection on that doctor himself/herself. All her staff people have been superb, from the receptionists to the ARNPs. The receptionists are the front for any business. They’re the face a person sees when they walk into any establishment. Her front desk people are top-notch. They are friendly, courteous, caring, and professional. Having employees such as these that greet you when you come in for a visit with smiling face and a cheerful manner puts a patient at ease when they visit a doctor. The same is true if you have to contact Dr. Romanick’s practice by phone. Every person in her office puts the patient first. They handle all the paperwork/patient requests you give them quickly. Dr. Romanick’s ARNPs have the same dedication to the patients as Dr. Romanick.

Thank you, Dr. Romanick, and all who work for you, for providing the outstanding medical care that you do.
— M. P., Bellevue, WA